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Welcome to Excellence!


Quality Roofing And Fencing Service You Can Count On

We are a family owned business located in Fort Collins, Co. Servicing Colorado, Wyoming, Texas and Louisiana.

We started Roper Construction with the goal to bring authenticity and integrity to the industry and our customers. We understand the value of hard work, dedication and are always striving for excellence. We are looking forward to working with you on all your future projects!


Hail season has begun.  Follow these steps if your property has gone through a recent storm...


Assess the damage.

  • Check trees, shrubs and plants around your house. If they are stripped of their foliage, there is a possibility that your roof is damaged. You should also check for roof damage if patio covers, screens or soft aluminum roof vents are dented.

  • Check your car for dents and broken or cracked glass.

Protect your property from further damage.

  • If you find signs that hail has battered your property, take immediate steps to protect it from further damage.

  • Cover any broken windows and holes in your roof so that no water can enter and damage your home's interior.

  • Cover any broken glass in your car to prevent damage to the interior from rain and remove glass from the car's interior to prevent cuts in upholstery and carpet.

File your claim

  • Call your agent or company as soon as you notice damage. Practically all homeowners policies cover hail damage. You car will be covered if you've purchased comprehensive coverage.

  • If your agent or company requests you to do so, follow up your call with a written explanation of what happened.

  • Save receipts for what you spend and submit them to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Residential house with massive roofs, gr
Climbing a Ladder

Licensed and Insured

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

High Quality Materials

Deals and Donations


Refer A Friend

For every homeowner that you refer that chooses us, we will send you $150. There is no cap. We appreciate your referrals! 


Military, Police Officers and Firefighters

We'd like to give you 5% of your roof install. Thank you for your sacrifice and service! 


You're Helping 

5% of the profit will automatically be donated towards our local Homeless and Nursing Home outreaches.  

We Use Trusted Brands


Veteran Owned and Operated

Honor and commitment are some of the values that we held as service members of the United States Military. At Roper Construction, we have made the same pledge to our customers. We look forward to serving your family and protecting one of your most valuable assets — your home.

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